Knowledge is profitable to whoever aspires to learn and apply the things he has learnt; and time is the common currency to every human being no matter where you are on earth but managed differently.

In order to equip its members and friends to have an adequate organization of their time, the International Network of English Speakers organized on the 3rd July 2021 a training on “Time Management”. About fifty people from different places in the city partook in the training. “Success is the sum of planning, organizing and making efficient use of time hence” the need to know how to manage one’s time. The Participants learnt about the necessity of having a plan and allocating a duration to each activity to be carried out. Discipline is key to achieving one’s goal within a particular timeframe said Mr Manasse K. Djan the trainer and Chairperson of INES-Mali. The session ended with a serie of questions and answers. A wasted time cannot be recovered. Don’t waste any minute of the day because each minute is precious. We say thank you to all our friends of #HETEC_English club, #Youchao_English_Club and #Niamana_English_Club for joining us for the training.

Additionally, INES Mali is not limited to enhancing its member skills in English language but also equipping them for the work field. It is with regard to that that, Ines-Mali in partnership with Zié Concept launched on the 3rd July 2021 a training in IT. The training which will last for three months is aimed at developing the competencies of the members in modules such as: Windows Environment, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

At #Ines_Mali, we are committed to equipping every member to be useful and productive in their personal, family and Professional life.



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