Opening Of the meeting

All the session is open by an allocution by the Chairperson or the vice president.

During the opening, the president invite all the participant to keep attention,

to take note and give some pieces of advice for a good session.



Word of the day

Everyweek, someone present a word with a brief explanation and example. This world

is use during the session by all the participant or at least 10 times.



Though of the day

One member is chosen to bring one quote and explain it.



Break Time

We go out to relax




Impromptu Speech

It’s a speech delivered without prior preparations. One member suggest a situation and then ask someone or a volunteer to deliver a speech according to the given situation.



Book Presentation :

A member choses any book he/she wants and make a brief presentation about by following these points :

        • Biography
        • Publishing date
        • Summary
        • Moral lesson

This presentation may be on the whole book as it may be only on one chapter of a book depending on the presenter. After the presentation someone else can comment only if he/she  has read the book.


Speech Presentation

Three members will present speeches. They will choose their own topics and make their speeches. Each speaker will have five minutes. They can use the speech guideline to write their speeches but this is not an obligation.

The public choose the best speaker and he/she is  geerally rewarded






Two members interpret. One speaks in English and the other translate in French and vice versa.