The International Network of English Speakers also known as Ines- Mali has seen since the 13th March 2021, the formation of a new executive.
After two consecutive terms presided over by Miss Tariba Traoré, Ines- Mali has sworn in today 10th April 2021 a new leadership.
Composed of dynamic members who have served in the club for months for some or even years for others, they’ve been sworn in by the President of the electoral commission Mrs Dembele M’Boye Tamboura.
The event was graced with the participation of partners, friends, families and members.

The new management under the leadership of Mr Manasse K. Djan has promised to uphold the good name of the organization by enhancing the learning process of every member in the capital and anywhere else, promoting the service to community and upgrading the leadership skills of every member.
Taking Ines-Mali to another level through Training, Expansion and giving Opportunities to all the adherents is the motto of the new executive.



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