Hassane Daou

INES Mali helped me to be confident.
It has helped me to speak in public without fear.it helped me in my professional life
INES Mali has opened many doors to me because speaking the English nowadays is like having a Golden key🙏🏻.


Sinaly Diarra

I have step up to build a strong confidence in myself while I was active in INES club. Now I’m working with an international construction company as a Safety, health and security officer. I conduct on daily basis a safety meeting  with a team of more100 people from all other the world.. Because of INES, public speaking is no more a challenge to me. I Love you INES.


Bourama Traoré

With trainings in Entrepreneurship, leadership …,INES gave me the way out…



Adama Léo Traoré

INES lured me to teach English 🙏





I’m Ambassador at Tecno Mobile thanks to  Ines.